Rag & Sak

About Us

Rag&Sak is the name which symbolizes Elegance, Style & Quality. We have started our journey by taking baby steps but our moves were full of conviction and assurance right from the inception. It is this quality that has propelled us to the pinnacle. Our excellent quality of products blended with unparalleled customer service has helped us in leapfrogging our contemporaries. 

Today Rag&Sak has become the epitome of excellence which pioneers in doling out top quality electronic accessories &lifestyle products to our loyal customers. We always keep a keen eye on prevalent trends and align our product offerings as per the changing demands to keep ourselves ahead of the competition. These characteristics of Rag&Sak have made it cynosure among the legion of its customers.



Our vision is to build long-lasting relationships with our proud customers. It is our resolution that we will serve our customers with unmatched products which they will endear throughout their lives. We always make sincere efforts to bring perfection through the amalgamation of experience, foresightedness &craftsmanship


Our mission is to bring a revolutionary change in the way electronic & lifestyle products are designed while catering to ever-changing demands of customers. This strives us to build best-in-quality products which are a perfect mix of elegance & style


To provide best-in-class products having highly sophisticated features with the ultimate objective of earning utmost customer satisfaction.